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Once you opt for a Botox injection, chances are you will suffer from one, two or three side effects. But you cannot suffer from drooping eyes, dizziness and faintness, asthma, wheezing, breathing issues, red welts among others at the same time. Nevertheless, there are precautions you can take into account and prevent or minimize most of the side effects.

  1. If you are taking any medications, herbal supplements or vitamins, inform your practitioner before getting a Botox injection. Some of the supplements if they combine with Botox can result in serious side effects. Also, if you have been taking sleep medicines, muscle relaxants, injected antibiotics or allergy or cold medicines, tell your doctor.
  2. Botox injection is one of the respect medical professions. For this reason, make sure you the practitioner you choose is highly qualified and experienced. The unqualified doctor will administer an injection which is over or under-diluted with saline. Furthermore, he/she is likely to give you a fake solution injection that does not contain Botox at all.
  3. A Botox injection should be carried out in a medical setting environment. At this point, in the case of any emergency, it can be treated immediately. So, avoid those Botox injections that are carried out in someone’s house. On the other hand, if the house injection is carried out with a doctor, that’s fine but again, chances are, the doctor’s attention is likely to get disrupted from other clientele. If the injection is being carried out by let’s say a salon stylist, he/she does not have medical experience besides, in the case of an emergency, he/she doesn’t have emergency equipment.
  4. If you have any health problems, discuss with your doctor before getting the injection.
  5. Adhere to all instruction given by the doctor before and after the treatment. If you fail to follow the instructions; be ready to face the consequences.
  6. After the injection, report all side effects that can’t go away or those that are bothering you.

Can Botox be used to treat Eyes?

Botox injection is used to treat eye muscle problems and uncontrolled eyelid twitching. We know a good place for Botox In Scottsdale Arizona.

How often should you Get Botox Injection?

This question will be well answered by your doctor basing on several factors.

  • Your facial expression and structure
  • Your diet
  • Your age- young people with firm facial muscles will experience long-term results as opposed to older people with less muscle tone.
  • How much the sun has damaged your skin and how much sun you get
  • How do you take care of your skin? Do you use facials, resurfacing methods or microdermabrasion?
  • Whether you smoke
  • How often do you use Botox?

Above all, all these vary from one person to another. There are those who will have long-lasting effects on a repeat of the injection while others develop a resistance to the drug. As a result, they need regular treatments.

Doctors have varied explanations/reasons on which factor will determine the number of times you can get a Botox injection. In general, it is recommended not to get the injection at the same spot.

Learn How

As we age, lines and wrinkles are things we have to deal with. To those who don’t want to be dictated by their age, they opt for ways to set one’s hand appearance. Botox injection is an option that can help you minimize the wrinkles and lines. No doubt, for those who go for cosmetic injections, it’s because of the benefit they have. Botox injection has the following benefits to the candidate.

It reduces Migraines

Some patients say after they had a Botox injection, they had few to no migraines. This is a huge relief if you suffer or to those who suffer from chronic headaches. And if you happen to suffer from a migraine, the pain isn’t as much after the injection. Experts tend to believe that migraine pain is reduced because Botox blocks the sensory nerve and relaxes the muscles. As a result, the sensitivity to the pain is reduced.

It reduces Lines and Wrinkles

Botox is a non-surgical solution for a flawless and smooth skin without the need for surgical enhancement. In other words, it’s a medical procedure that removes the wrinkles in the neck, face, around the mouth area, and forehead. You can also use Botox injection to lift drooping eyebrows which will result in having a youthful appearance.

Reduces Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis as known in the medical field is embarrassing and has to be dealt with. A Botox injection can help lessen the amount of sweat produced.

It helps in Lifting the Brow

Over the time or as you age, the brow drops, but with Botox injection, you will lift the brow thus making your face look youthful and less tired.

Effects of Botox Injection

Every cosmetic injection has negative effects however powerful they are so, does Botox. The following are some of the side effects as a result of Botox injection.

  • Increased sensitivity to light, itchy or watery eyes
  • Ringing in your ears, dry mouth, dry eyes
  • Muscle weakness at the injected place
  • Pain, redness, swelling, bleeding or bruising at the spot where the injection was given
  • Tired feeling, drowsiness, dizziness
  • Neck or back pain, muscle stiffness, headache

Flu symptoms, runny nose, cough, fever, sore throat

The above side effects are minor. There are major side effects which you are likely to encounter. They include;

  • Problems with vision
  • Severe itching or skin rash
  • Drainage or crusting from your eyes
  • Uneven heartbeat (fast or slow)
  • Drooping eyelids, hoarse voice
  • Severe muscle weakness especially the treated area
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Pain spreading to the arm or shoulder

If you experience any of these effects, waste no time to call your doctor since they are characterized as dangerous effects. These are not all the side effects as there more that are likely to occur. Above all, a qualified and experienced practitioner is aware of the sites where to inject to avoid side effects. Above all, a diluted injection is likely to spread from the injected site than a highly concentrated dose.


Botox injections have been around more than a decade now but there is a lot of misconception about this treatment and how it’s used. First, Botox is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by bacterium Clostridium botulinum known as the botulinum toxin. Medically, it is used in treating certain muscular conditions and cosmetically gets rid or removes wrinkles. It does this by paralyzing the muscles temporarily.

The wrinkles and lines between eyebrows make one look unhappy, tired or angry. Botox is often used as an off-label product for horizontal forehead lines, smoker’s lines around the lips, marionette lines at the corners of the mouth. So, don’t confuse Botox injections with other injectable fillers. For instance, dermal fillers plump the tissues so that wrinkles and lines disappear.

Be it as it may, your practitioner should be able to help you with which products to use in solving issues with your appearance. But as a general rule, Botox is mostly used on the upper part/portion of the face. On the other hand, fillers are used in other areas.

Who are the patients for Botox?

Botox injection should be given to people above the age of 18 years. But don’t go for Botox if you have had the following.

  • Had a facial surgery
  • If your forehead muscles are weak
  • Have swallowing difficulties
  • If you have bleeding issues
  • If you are planning to have surgery in the near future
  • If you are allergic to Botox cosmetics
  • If the injection area is infected or you have a skin infection
  • If you are or recently taken vitamins or supplements or medication
  • If you ailing from disease that affects your nerves or muscles like myasthenia gravis, ALS, Lambert-Eaton syndrome etc
  • If you have had side effects from these products in the past or you are allergic to another botulinum toxin brand such as Dysport, Xeomin or Myobloc

The manufacturer of Botox recommends that if you are expectant or trying to conceive or breastfeeding, don’t get this injection. This is just a precaution, however; clinical studies haven’t been done on expectant mothers. At this point, you should have known that Botox is not dermal filler but instead, it work by blocking nerve impulses that cause the muscles to contract to cause forehead wrinkles. So, the muscle that is responsible for frown lines are deleted/reduced hence a smooth look.

If you have facial lines when your face is relaxed, you are not a good patient for Botox. You better consider dermal fillers because Botox will soften them but won’t get rid of them. The process takes about 10 minutes. After that, you should not worry about downtime.

Once administered, it takes few days and the results will be visible. However, it needs 2 to 4 days for Botox to get attached to the nerve ending that stimulates the muscle to contract. After 14 days, maximum effect would have taken place. In other words, anything that will occur or obtained after 14 days, count it as a maximum effect.

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